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Band: Hibria
Album: XX
Release Date: Tuesday, August 9th
Territory: CAN, USA, MEX

Catalog: TYM-CD006
Format: Eco Sleeve

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1. Leading Lady
2. Music
3. Fools Paradise
4. Silent Revenge (live)
5. Lonely Fight (live)
6. Tightrope (live)
7. Tiger Punch (live)

Band Members

Iuri Sanson
Abel Camargo
Eduardo Baldo
Renato Osorio
Ivan Beck

Produced by Renato Osorio
Executive Production by Abel Camargo & Iuri Sanson
Tracks 1, 2 and 3 – written and performed by Abel Camargo, Iuri Sanson, Eduardo Baldo, Renato Osorio, Ivan Beck.
Tracks 4, 5, 6 – Recorded Live at Teatro do CIEE, Porto Alegre/Brazil, in November 15th, 2015 and performed by Abel Camargo, Iuri Sanson, Eduardo Baldo, Benhur Lima, Renato Osorio.
Special guests: André Meyer (on track 4); Diego Kasper & Marco Panichi (on track 7).
Mixed and Mastered at Black Stork Studios – Caxias do Sul / Brazil by Benhur Lima
Keyboards on track 3 by Benhur Lima
Backing vocals on track 1 by Renato Osorio
Choir on tracks 1 and 2 by Iuri Sanson and Renato Osorio
Drums Recorded at Monostereo Studios – Porto Alegre / Brazil – Engineered by Juliano Rodriguez
Vocals Recorded at HIBRIA studios – Porto Alegre / Brazil – Engineered by Renato Osorio
Guitars and bass guitar recorded at HIBRIA Studios – Porto Alegre / Brazil.
Artwork by Tiago Masseti
Photo by Kais Ismail Musa